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The aim of this blog is to get people to start thinking about news in a different way. Sure we hear stories from around the world everyday, but how much of it do we actually think about? How much do we take in and comment on?

lifeat3pm is a daily dose of the headline stories dominating a particular paper each day. Obviously you may have different opinions so feel free to add your thoughts. I hope to make you think about the things you read in more ways than one, particularly the way it is presented to u. View news from every angle.

Throughout this blog we’re going a journey through media, each week will explore a different paper be it the Financial Times or The Sun.


One Response to “Views News”

  1. I’m really interested to read your blog and will truly be doing my best to keep up to date with it as this is a really good idea and might actually broaden the horizons of your target audience.

    I can safely say that television news and broadsheet articles do not encourage me to keep up to date with current affairs as their style of reporting is repetitive, and generally seems to focus on the least important aspects of the stories relevant to my generation today.

    Good luck, I’ll enjoy reading… and commenting! x

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