Climate change migrants

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climate Change

The Guardian has recently begun to follow a special report on environmental issues surrounding recent news. The report sees two of the EU’s senior foreign policy officers stating that Europe will be expecting a rise in a new type of immigrants.

It was said that within a decade “there will be millions of environmental migrants with climate change as one of the major drivers of this phenomenon”.

In retrospect England has come a long way with regards to sustainability over the last 5 years. It is evident to anyone that global warming awareness has increased hugely within our nation, particularly with regards to reducing our ‘Carbon footprint’. The question is however, is is this making a difference?

The report within the guardian states that the countries that have become badly hit by the effects of global warming are demanding that the ‘new phenomenon’ be recognised as a valid reason for migration.

(It is interesting that the Guardian have branded the phenomenon as new when it clearly is not. However, accepting that climate change exists is new)

The report is a very interesting read however it does seem as though the the British media wrongly referring to global warming as a ‘future problem’. If migration is already growing at a rapid rate and the number of natural disasters are swelling, It could be argued that the future has arrived.

The effects of global warming are evidently being ignored more so in the countries that are contributing the most carbon emissions to the atmosphere. Countries such as the United states, Japan, China and Great Britain as these countries have not been affected has harshly as some others and it seems the realisation will not set in until more disasters take place.

Excessive imigration is one of the seven ‘threats’ caused by climate change that the officials have focused on whilst particularly highlighting the security issues that could arise. The report was presented to the EU sumit on 13 March 2008 with an aim to provide a wake up call to the governments of europe. Officials are aiming to make the european governments realise that initially the effects of global warming will hit countries far from europe, however, eventually europe will begin to feel the impact of the disasters.

[Picture takem from The Guardian – in pictures.]


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