Sent to their deaths

Children of war 

The government has announced that more than 1,400 rejected Iraqi asylum seekers are required to return to Iraq or face destitution in the UK.  The decision was made by home secretary, Jacqui smith who had declared it was satisfactory to declare Iraq as safe to send asylum seekers back to Iraq.This decision was made after it was found that 78 people had been killed in Iraq since last Sunday.  United Nations high commissioner for refugees   Iraqis involved were told that if they failed to return to Iraq they would face destitution within the UK. Asylum seekers were also told that they would be asked to sign a waiver agreeing that the British government will take no responsibilty for what happens to them or their families once they return to Iraqi territory

In short, the government plan to starve the Iraqi people into returning to Iraq.

The Guardian have made a point within this article to express the fact that it seems as though the British government are either incredibly stupid, or very heartless. The latter probably being the closest to the truth.

It is clear to see from the Iraq reports on The Guardian that the situation in Iraq is far from safe and yet the Government are still persisting on using the British public’s taxes to fund a war that isn’t justified. No weapons of mass destruction have been found, Sadam is gone. So why are there still troops in Iraq? It isn’t up to the British and American governments to ‘save’ Iraq if they aren’t applying their methods all over the world. If they believe they are trying to rebuild the civilisation why weren’t they in Kenya controlling the chaos? 


One Response to “Sent to their deaths”

  1. Unfortunately we live in the west, our culture is so individualistic that we persistently refuse to give aid and assist those countries in need unless there is some benefit to our government and/or the image they would like to portray in the media.

    Although a vast quantity of the British (and American) population may agree that holding troops in Iraq so long after their search for these elusive “weapons” (and also Saddam’s execution) may well be unnecessary given the reports that have been published, unfortunately the British media doesn’t look upon asylum seekers favourably – no matter where they are from, therefore neither does our population.

    It is an unfortunate fact that the general population as a whole are indeed quite ignorant to asylum seekers, and although awareness will not force the government’s hand in housing these individuals, I believe that public perception on the subject is a big factor in the government’s decision making. If our population as a whole saw asylum seekers in a more favourable light (and less like scammers or people stealing jobs/money – ignorant, uninformed views), we may be able to give the government a push in the right direction in that sense.

    Then again, a large number of British citizens continually protest on these particular points and so far, no change has come – so in the end, maybe we need to consider how our elected government is able to continually make decisions that leave the population in turmoil.

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