Blair to lead climate change campaign

Tony BlairFormer PM Tony Blair is set to lead an international team which aims to target climate change. Blair is aiming to prepare a agreement which will encourage countries to cut their carbon emissions by 50% by 2050. The main countries he aims to reach out to is The United States of America and China.

Although the article portrays the ex PM to be the newest hero to save the world, it does make one question his seriousness in the issue, is Blair all talk or will he attempt to redeem his reputation. Either way, Blair does have the backing of the White House, the UN and Europe, including Gordon Brown.

In the Interview with The Guardian, Blair appears to be determined to create a plan of action, and not just a written report of what should happen.

It is evident that countries such as China and India will not reduce consumation substantially as their aim is to expand their economies. So what is it Blair can put to the table to such aspiring and expanding countries?

The UN will be required to provide a new climate change proposition by the end of 2008.

[Picture taken from The Guardian website]


One Response to “Blair to lead climate change campaign”

  1. It’s important not to underestimate Tony Blair. His public image suffered because of the war in Iraq but prior to this his government was one of the strongest since the war, and his diplomacy played a large role in that.

    I think it’s going to require the same skills that Blair used during the negotion of the Northern Ireland peace process to convince China and India to try and significantly reduce their carbon emissions.

    Something else that is likely to have a large impact on climate change is the American presidential election. George Bush’s republican party were always strongly against signing any kind of international agreement, prefering instead to set their own (less ambitious) goals. Had Al Gore won and cut short Bush’s time in power then we would have undoubtedly seen a different approach to the environment from America.

    The Chinese are reluctant to make any commitments while the Americans are holding out, so hopefully an new government in the US will lead to new developments over there, and then in China.

    Not sure how much of a role Tony will have but he’s a very clever man who’s good at getting what he wants. It’s going to have a lot to do about why he’s doing this. Does he really care about the environment or is he trying to cling on to some of the power and influence he had when he was primeminister. Afterall, back in the 90’s, questions were asked about Blair’s alliegence to the Labour party, as many people believed he desired power more than he cared about New Labour.

    Hmmm, thats more that I write for most of my essays.

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