Will America lose the right to own guns?

Guns In America
18 March 2008 will see the hearing of the what is being considered the most important case regarding firearms in the last decade. The United States supreme court will begin to reconsider whether American citizens will have to right to legally own a personal gun. This will be the first questioning of gun handling in the US for over 70 years, and so the final decision made by the court will have a huge impact on the American society whatever the decision.

Many questions have been raised on the possible decisions and paths that the court may take. Will the court decide on a new method of gun control? Or will they decide entirely to ban the possession of personal firearms? In order for the latter to be properly implemented will the government be required to issue a strict sentence on those who do not submit their arms within a given time?

Issues are raised for those who may potentially abide to the rules in that they then become vulnerable to social crimes. As many have argued, a family may not be able to protect themselves against those who may still illegally possess a gun. In order for the ban to work it seem as though it will cost the American government a lot of money and time, but how willing will they be to invest both into the proposal?

 The biggest argument against the ban of firearms comes from many families wishing to protect themselves against any potential danger. As part of the constitutional rights of American citizens they are in fact entitled to possess a gun.

Statistics produced by the UK-based Gun Control Network have shown that approximately 4 in every 100,000 citizens of America were killed by guns compared to the 0.15 in England and Wales. It is because of these reasons that the high court have decided to reconsider the law after so many years.

 President of The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Paul Helmke said:

“The only thing that hurts our efforts is if it’s and extreme decision that says you can’t have any limits, anytime, anywhere. But anything short of that – that basically allows reasonable restrictions…I think could help the gun control movement.”

[Quote and picture taken from The Guardian website]



5 Responses to “Will America lose the right to own guns?”

  1. “As part of the constitutional rights of American citizens they are in fact entitled to possess a gun.”

    Actually, the Second Amendment to the US Constitution suggests that only those people in “a well regulated militia” have the right to bear arms; not just any old American citizen.

    But “the right to bear arms” is so entrenched in the history of the USA that it will be almost impossible to call for a ban on firearms.

  2. Cub Critic Says:

    I do think agree it would be impossible to ban gun possession immediately. In order for anything to progress, they would have to slowly make changes to the law of gun possession and who can legally purchase firearms.

    In my opinion civillians should not have the right to have guns. Maybe if the police system did not have such a history of corruption, people wouldn’t need to turn to guns to protect themselves.
    The American government should think about starting ‘at home’ before going into houses of others.

    Too many incidents of high profile injustice have been reported (1991, Rodney King), it’s no wonder societies within America are weary when they don’t trust their own police force.

    Such fears are being represented through modern society through recent films such a ‘Crash’.

    If America wants to erradicate gun violence throughout the country they should target the problems from within the system.

  3. Nothing will ever change America’s obsession with the firearm. The foundations of the United States are built on a frontier mindset; conquest. Cowboys creating and regulating their own laws, ones which rely on the idea that anyone can have what they desire, and should take it by any means necessary; be that happiness, security, or otherwise.

    Unlike here in the UK where maybe the government can get away with changing a few laws because the population on a whole are too passive to stop it, the US is very different. It’s majority believe in the gun; they live by it. And there’s no way any politician would dare to trifle with that for fear of being unpopular. Every politician is always thinking of the next election, it doesn’t matter how close, or how far away that is…

  4. Personally, I think firearms should be made illegal in America. There will always be those willing to possess them illegally- but America has had the wrong idea from the start, in my opinion. If you make something legal, it gives more oppurtunities to those willing to use them to hurt others. No licenses, no guns- less people getting hurt. Simple. I do agree that maybe America should be wheened off firearms gradually, maybe state by state- but it should be done quickly and carefully. It would make the world a better place. Take for example shootings in schools/colleges in America- it would have been a lot harder for those students to obtain a firearm if there was a law against them. It not only deters people, it saves lives.

  5. Unfortunately eradicating firearms in America is a Catch-22 situation. The most obvious route to cutting down on gun related injuries and fatalities is to ban firearms. Whether this will specifically decrease the amount of gun related crimes is a completely different story, if anything it’s simply possibly that this may increase with the new awareness that the population is newly unarmed.

    70 years is a long time to leave a law as important as this to lie, especially with changing cultures and how increasingly violent society has become. Personally I believe that to ban guns is simply now too little, too late – the likelihood is that a significant number of people will not hand in their firearms, and consider that illegal guns are easy to come by in this country where they have been banned to the public, nevermind in a country where the ban will have just been implemented.

    Maybe it would be worth increasing awareness on the psychological effect that owning a weapon (especially a gun) has on the ordinary person. The “Weapons Effect” is a common one, and one that is easily identified in America. Show Americans the contrasts between statistics relating to gun crimes in a country where firearms are legal and a country where firearms are not – people may believe they are using these weapons as protection, but in fact more likely the weapon is convincing them they need to be protected.

    I can’t really offer up my solution to this one as I really don’t see one. As with most governments, it’s too little, too late here – and unfortunately they’re not just trying to ban smoking.

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