Saudi women driven to segregated hotel.

Woman washing apple in the new hotel.

 The newly opened Luthan Hotel in Saudi Arabia enables women to stay in a hotel without a male to accompany them. The kingdom’s first hotel provides services to women where they can be pampered without judging eyes of a man.

Laws in Saudi Arabia strictly prohibit a women from driving, testifying in court unless a male was present, travelling alone without written permission and all women are required to cover their bodies from head to toe.

The recently opened hotel is owned by a group of 20 Saudi princesses and businesswomen and is completely run by women. From the electricians to the ‘bellwomen’, every service offered within the hotel is provided by women.

Many have argued that the UN should discuss the treatment of women within the country as a large number of women are forced to hide in fear if they are attacked, abused or raped as their testimony in court would not be liable if not backed by a male.

The issue of female segregation is a sensitive one when considering a strongly devout Muslim country, but should other countries interfere to stop the gender apartheid?

Is the Luthan Hotel a step forward or just another way to pull women away from society and deny them their freedom?

[Picture taken from The Telegraph]


3 Responses to “Saudi women driven to segregated hotel.”

  1. I do believe that the hotel is definitely a step forward – it’s women trying to find the most diplomatic solution to a situation that seems impossible. I have no issue with this idea, I believe that the hotel has been formed by a smart group of individuals who are trying to exercise minimal freedom within a very strict religion.

    In regard to whether other countries should take it upon themselves to intervene – this question is always a tricky one, but when it comes to a matter of true human rights, I believe that someone, somewhere must intervene as many of the practices in some countries that are dictated by religion are old, unreasonable and even torturous. Although I wouldn’t say that the United Kingdom fully accomodates Islamic society, we do our best to integrate – and these individuals that reside in our country are happy to live by rules that comply with the general principles of human rights (possibly even relieved to do so), so it’s about time that someone, somewhere stepped in to help give these countries some basic rights too.

  2. Brendan Murphy Says:

    If there is an agreement amongst the countries within the UN that accepted ‘human rights’ are being disregarded in Saudi Arabia, then the first logical step, if there is to be any intervention, would be to impose sanctions upon the Saudis in terms of monetary dealings, surely?

    I’m not sure how much business goes on between the Saudis and the countries within the UN, but if you believe that someone is behaving in a manner that you disagree with, and they refuse to change, you should stop dealing with them, shouldn’t you?

    But, if there is any oil flowing from Saudi to the USA, you can forget about the American Government doing anything to upset them…

    Thus, the UN probably has no power to do anything, since the USA has the ability to undermine any sanctions they issue!

    Discussion, debate, and understanding of what each side believes, is the only way forward…if you believe something is wrong, it is much better to persuade through reason than it is through force…

    …but this way is not always effective in the short-term…which means that these poor women will continue to suffer in the meantime…

    A ‘united front’ in terms of monetary sanctions should always come before any military force is used…hit them in the pocket if you want to make an impact…

    But will it be impact enough?…I wish I had the answer…

  3. This act by these women has two main purposes: first to show the mainstream (especially men in Saudi Arabia) that women ARE indeed capable of doing something with their brains- showing them as well that their brains do function.
    Secondly, I believe even though this is rather small, it is the beginning of a true emancipation of women. So what happens is, these women respect the Charia which states that they should not drive on their own, work with men or wander in the streets without a male person next to them. But at the same time, by legally digressing the rules, they thumb their noses at those who reprimand their rights. I say: clever…
    they have given them what they want!

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